Toddler BFIAR Co-op Class: Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball





Yellow Ball by Molly Bang

Summary: A beach ball drifts out to sea and explores before returning to the boy on the beach

Story Treasure: Yellow beach ball purchased from Oriental Trading here


GAME: Follow the Ball
We started with “Follow the Ball” on Pg 14 of Before Five in a Row

ART: Colors
I gave each child a sheet of light blue paper (9×11), a large dark blue rectangle (9×5.5) and a yellow circle (5″).  We discussed the different colors, especially the 2 shades of blue, and glued the shapes together to match the cover of the book.

SCIENCE: Weather
We made a rainstorm by rubbing our fingers, then our hands, then patting our laps, then stomping our feet.  Then the storm subsided by doing the actions in reverse order.  If you have rainsticks, you could bring those in for this activity as well.

MOTOR SKILLS: Playing Ball
We used some of the Playing Ball activities on Pg 13 of Before Five in a Row and I passed out the story treasures.

I filled a bin with leveling sand.  On top I placed driftwood, beach glass, shells, feathers and rocks.  They spent some time exploring including: digging in the sand, burying and finding treasures, comparing the rocks, and naming glass colors.

Yellow Ball Beach Bin

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