Toddler BFIAR Co-op Class: The ABC Bunny

The ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag

Summary: A curious bunny races through the alphabet on his way home

Story Treasure: Alphabet magnets (purchased at Dollar Tree)

After reading the book, I held up a cookie sheet with all the magnets in alphabetical order.  We sang the ABC song as I pointed to each letter.  Later, each student was given a set of magnets to take home.


ART: Letters
Before class I cut out enough green paper leaves to spell each child’s name.  I wrote one letter on each leaf and we helped the student’s glue the leaves on their paper to spell their name.

MATH: Counting
Each student was given several cotton balls to represent hail.  We counted them together in our piles and in the book.

SCIENCE: Zoology
We made animal cards as suggested on pg 45 of Before Five in a Row.

I filled a tub with paper grass (purchased at Easter time, though you could cut your own paper into skinny strips and scrunch them up).  I bought several different fake flower stems from the dollar store and pulled the flowers off the stems.  Each child was given a stem and could mix and match the flowers to make their own bouquet.  Some flowers were easier to pull off and on than others.  You could also add plastic fruit to the bin.

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