Toddler BFIAR Co-op Class: Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Summary: A bunny says goodnight to everything in his room.

Story Treasure: Clothesline with foam mittens and socks

After reading the book, we went through and looked for the mouse hiding on each page.


ART: Colors
I brought in 3 cups: red, blue and yellow.  I also brought in a number of matching items in each color: crayons, counting bears, wooden blocks, pom poms, magnet sticks, foam cubes, and colored craft sticks.  We identified the colors of the items and sorted them into cups, over and over again.  (I actually took this to church as a quiet activity and my toddler sorted them over and over in church as well, it was a favorite activity for sure!)

Goodnight Moon_Colors

I set up a clothesline between 2 chairs.  The students used clothespins to attach child sized socks and mittens to the line.  We also matched the pairs of socks and mittens.  Some children struggled with pinning the clothes on and preferred to take them off instead, which was also good fine motor practice.

Goodnight Moon_Clothesline

SCIENCE: Zoology
We made animal cards as suggested on pg 34 of Before Five in a Row.  I chose to make 2 cards for each animal: one parent and one child.  We matched up the families and introduced the names of each (like cow/calf and cat/kitten)

Goodnight Moon_Animal Sets

I blew up balloons for the children to play with.  I recommend saving this activity for last or you may not make it to the others.

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