The Littlest Wolf

The Littlest Wolf
by Larry Dane Brimner

A little wolf confides in his father about his shortcomings compared to his bigger siblings.  This is a story many of us can relate to.  No matter how special or talented our children are, someone is bound to do something better.  In this little wolf’s case, he feels bested by all his siblings.  Luckily, he has a wise father.  Instead of merely pointing out what little wolf does well (which is the route most story lines would take), his father assures him that he pounces, rolls, and runs “just as he should.”  The wolf is comforted by his fathers words and settles in for a family nap, excited about what the future will bring.  The book can be used to open up discussion with a child who is feeling a little insecure about his abilities.  It’s also a great portrayal of a positive father/son relationship.  The painted drawings really capture the special bond between father and son amidst their wild surroundings.

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