by Marie Torres Cimarusti

Ping, ping!  urr-URRRRRRRR!  zzzzzzzzzzzzoooomm!  This book is full of fun noises that bring the book to life!  Beyond cars and boats the book includes submarines and rocketships.  My son loved this variation of peek-a-boo!  As we lifted each flap we talked about what makes that vehicle unique; for the submarine it was the portholes, propeller, periscope and hatch.  On the last page we categorized the vehicles as those that move on land, in the air and through the water.  He then spent the day pretending to be all the different vehicles, using all the appropriate noises.  He even expressed his creativity, “urr-Urrrrrrr, Choo-choo!  What am I, Momma?……… a firetruck-train!”  Definitely a new favorite!

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