Ocean Floor Map

Magic School Bus books are fantastic.  I remember doing a book report on a Magic School Bus book in 3rd grade over 20 years ago!  My husband was a big fan of the TV show and we both love that our sons get to experience the same shows and books that we did.  The books are so engaging and also so educational it really is a rare combination.  After reading The Magic School Bus: On the Ocean Floor my son used a large sheet of paper to draw a map of the ocean floor, completely unassisted.  After he finished, he pointed out and named areas like “continental shelf,” “7 mile trench,” and “deep ocean floor.”  I asked him if I could label his map.  He agreed and continued to point out each landmark or animal that needed labeling.  Here is his finished product…

Drawn Map of the Ocean Floor

I was amazed at all the correct terminology he remembered and impressed that he drew the whole thing from memory.

Later, when we were putting his lap book together he wanted the information from the map, but didn’t want to draw another whole map.  (He said, “It was a LOT of work, Momma!”)  So, I created a map on the computer, complete with labels, for him to cut out and glue on.  I included all the animals on the map in the book, but he chose one bird, one tidal pool animal, and one hot water vent animal to include in the picture.  I doubt we could have fit them all on the map.  Here is the printable: Map of the Ocean.  Dimensions are 8.5″x 4″


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