I Spy Bottle

We recently attended a “Super Saturday” at a nearby church.  The theme was Creation, and each child was given a bag of little trinkets to remind them of the days of creation.  Perfect for an I Spy bottle!

First, we assembled our supplies.


- A clean glass bottle and lid (I used a 14 oz pizza sauce jar)

- Little items.  We used: boy and girl stickers, world, butterfly, dragonfly, panda bear, and elephant erasers, plastic frog, real seashell, and silk flower
- Filler.  1 cup colored rice leftover from our Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Next, Jedrek put all the little trinkets in the jar, and poured in the rice.


The key is to have balance between the size of the jar, the size of the items, and the amount of filler.  In our case, the jar’s a little small and the items are a little big, but it still works.  The smaller erasers are actually a perfect size for the jar.  Its about 3/4 full, which seems to be enough to cover the items, but still room to manipulate the items.  Once you’re satisfied, superglue on the lid so it doesn’t become a choking hazard.  I also made a label for the lid with the theme (Creation) and a list of items.  Enjoy!

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