Felt Board Fun- Ocean Life

We recently had a 16 hour car ride (each way) for a family wedding.  While my sons are both good travelers, it’s always helpful to have a few new activities to keep them entertained in the car.  One idea I’d been saving for this trip was to make a felt board.  I used flannel for the background and tried to keep it versatile.  One side is blue at the top and green at the bottom for a generic sky/grass scene.  The opposite side is blue at the top and tan at the bottom which could be used as a backdrop for desert or ocean animals.  For this trip I cut out a dozen colorful sea creatures and my 3-year-old had a blast playing with them!    Ocean Life Felt BoardHe made up a story as he added each creature.  I took pictures of every scene and we’re going to make it into a book, written by him!  Feel free to download my “Ocean Life” felt pattern to start writing stories with your own child.  Felt_ Ocean Life

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  1. Nella says:

    I need to make one ASAP!

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