Easter Egg Chart

Easter Egg Graph

We had three Easter Egg hunts this year (playgroup, home and church) so there was ample opportunity to encourage learning activities.  Our favorite by far was the Easter Egg Graph.  First, Jedrek sorted his eggs into piles by color.  Then he counted the number of eggs in a pile and colored the matching number of squares on his chart.  We made a separate chart for each egg hunt and then compared.  I asked questions like “At which hunt did you find the most blue eggs?”  He looked at the charts and pointed to the one that had the most blue squares colored in.  The activity reinforced colors, sorting, counting, and number comparisons such as more/less.  Plus, we had yummy treats to enjoy afterwards!

Tip- A younger child could fill in the graph using stickers or a dot marker.

Feel free to use the pdf below for your own personal use.

Easter Egg Graph

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