Batman Cape Tutorial

My boys both love dress-up.  Recently they’ve been big into superheroes, so I knew this batman cape would be a hit.  The best part is it only took about 20 minutes and cost under $3!  I used a remnant* of black fleece purchased at Joanns.

- 7/8 yd Black anti-pill fleece (comes 58″ wide)
- Fabric scissors
- Thread (or fabric glue)


Step 1: Cut out the cape

Lay the fleece out so that the fold is on the left.  Measure 28″ down the fold and mark with a pin or soap.  Along the top (selvage) edge measure and mark at 22″.  (So once opened the cape should be 44″ wide and 28″ long.)  Cut scallops along an arc from one corner to the other.  I traced with my finger a couple times before cutting.  You could also mark it with a piece of white chalk or soap.

Step 2: Cut out the collar

Cut an 8″ x 9″ rectangle for the collar.  Fold in 1/2 so it’s 4.5″ x 8″.  With the fold on your left, cut an arc from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.  Now cut a smaller arc from 3″ down on the left side (fold) to about the middle of the top (selvage edge).

Step 3: Sew on the collar

With the cape open in front of you, lay the collar down centered so that the right sides of the fabric are against each other.  Sew (or glue) the 2″ strips where the collar touches the cape along the top edge.

Step 4: Attach straps

Cut 2 strips of fleece 1″ wide and 8″ long.  Fold one in 1/2 (wrong sides together) and sew or glue ends.  Do the same with the other strip.  Lay the cape open, wrong side up.  Place the straps about 3-4″ in from each side, with the selvages edges lined up and the loop hanging down.  Sew or glue in place.

All Done!  Little brother couldn’t resist trying it on, too!

*At Joanns when there is less than 1 yd of fabric left on a bolt, it’s wrapped as a remnant and sold 50% off.  The way remnants work is they are 50% off the current price, this means they are often cheaper than the price on the ticket.  The wrapper around the remnant only shows the price if that kind of fabric is NOT on sale.  This particular remnant was just shy of 1 yard.  Regular price for a yard of anti-pill fleece is $9.99.  It was on sale 50% off so the sale price is $4.99.  Since it was a remnant it was 50% off the sale price, or $2.50 (75% off) can’t beat that!

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