Tow Truck

Upcycled Tow Truck

We checked out a fantastic book from the library:

After spending awhile looking through it, we decided to make a tow truck.

- Pasta box
- Egg carton lid
- Empty thread spool
- 2 pipe cleaners
- 4 juice bottle lids
- 2 straws
- String
- Paperclip

Step 1: Truck body
Cut a frame around the window on the pasta box.  Fold up the frame and window to create a windshield for the truck.

Step 2: Add wheels
Drill a hole into the center of each lid.  We used a hand drill so that Jedrek could help.  Poke holes into the pasta box and feed the pipe cleaners through.  Slide a wheel onto each pipe cleaner end and twist to lock into place.

Step 3: Truck bed
Cut off a section of the egg carton lid.  Poke a hole on each side of the lid.  Feed a straw through a hole, the empty spool and then through the other hole.  Trim down the 2nd straw, then tape it into the egg carton lid with one end by the spool and the other end up in the air for the tow line.

Step 4: Tow Line
Tape one end of the string to the empty spool.  Feed the string under the spool and through the straw so it comes out the top.  Tie a paperclip to the end of the string, opening the paperclip slightly to make a hook.

Step 5: Finishing
Tape or staple the truck bed onto the pasta box.  Viola!  Your truck is ready for hours of play!

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