Silly Animal Game

This game was inspired by an Eric Herman song, “The Elephant Song.”  If you haven’t heard it you can watch the You Tube video here.  He also has a website with cds and mp3s for sale.  In the song Eric starts singing, “I like elephants…” but then goes on to describe monkeys.  He says “I like monkeys…” but then describes fish.  So our game version involves guessing the animal the other player is describing.  It looks like this…

ME: “I like sea lions.  I like how they have loooooong necks to reach the leaves at the tops of the trees.”
JEDREK: (usually interrupting) “NO! That’s a giraffe!  I like giraffes.  I like how they waddle and eat fish.”
ME: “No! That’s a penguin.  I like penguins.  I like their big, fluffy manes and sharp teeth.”
JEDREK: “NO! That’s a lion.  I like lions.  I like how they swing from trees.”

We’ve played this game for almost an hour driving in the car.  It’s great because you don’t need any materials and it’s adaptable to different age levels.  For my 3-year-old I tend to keep a stream of hints going until he guesses, but for an older child you could give just one hint and wait.  The hints themselves can be adjusted for the age/ability of your child as well.  I thought I’d be tricky and gave the clue “I like how they change colors” thinking I’d stump him.  He surprised me by shouting out “That’s a CHAMELEON!”  It’s been several months since we’ve talked about chameleons and I didn’t expect him to remember their name.  You could also use the game to review animals from a certain continent or habitat like “Australian animals” or “Underwater animals.”  This would make the game a little more challenging since hints would have to be more specific.  Hope your family enjoys it as much as we have!

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