Gobble It Up!

Cover of Gobble it Up Gobble It Up!
by Jim Arnosky

What’s one thing all animals have in common?  Eating!  We stumbled across this book in the library and it has quickly become a family favorite.  This book is a great introduction to the food chain.  From the carnivorous great white shark gobbling up fishes to the vegetarian panda bear searching for bamboo, the book covers a variety of diets.  I wasn’t sure how my son would react to animals eating other animals, especially the crocodile who eats cute little ducklings… but he wasn’t fazed.  The author accurately portrays the message,

“That’s the way we all survive.
We gobble food to stay alive.
We eat the food we have, and then-
we have to hunt for food again!”

We’ve read this book several times without playing the cd, but it’s definitely more fun to sing along with the guitar.  You’ll find yourself, humming or singing along to the song all day.  We even made up our own verses pretending to be animals and singing about what we thought they’d eat.  We will definitely be adding this book to our collection!

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